Which one to choose MAC or LINUX or WINDOWS?

When it concerns operating systems, we typically have stereotypes about the 3 significant OS players. We believe Windows is for casual users who want worth for their money and still be able to personalize their computers. On the other hand, people who simply want a computer they can instantly use however would not mind spending some extra cash go with Mac.

Apart from being the free and open-source, Ubuntu Linux operating system offers developers an interesting chance of producing something new with their codes. For many techies, it is their first os, while for others, this os ended up being a part of their day-to-day OS much in the future!!

The real question here is, why more and more people are relying on Ubuntu and leaving their Windows days behind? Keep reading to know more!

5 Needs To Start Utilizing Linux Os Today

1. User-friendly & FREE

What most of us want from our os? The response is compatibility, simple functionality, and that it is free of expense. Many users find it hard to run the Linux operating system, however with a growing number of easy ways to videos on the internet, learning this remarkable OS is an easy job. It works similar to Windows – set up and take pleasure in the refined desktop experience.

2. High Security

As an os is considered as the most protected and trustworthy server of perpetuity. The neighborhood uses fast security repairs routinely, provides kernel updates, security spots, and continuously updates its application to deal with to ever-rising server security risks.

3. Personalized Personalization Available

The power of personalizing your system based on your likes and benefits is among the most significant benefits of utilizing the Linux operating system. If you’re tired or do not like your desktop environment, just change it with a new one. Ubuntu includes these functions and fantastic tools like Compiz takes the user experience even further.

4. Wide Hardware Compatibility

Contrary to the belief, Linux has excellent compatibility with hardware like HDD and uses up much less space in your memory than Windows. Unlike other operating systems that will use up around 1GB to 2 GB of your personal memory, Linux uses up just 200 MB to 500 MB, which will leave you with much more space.

5. Neighborhood

The very best feature of Linux is that it takes care of its own! You will have much more than simply a sense of belonging, as Linux neighborhood is highly knit together with developers, developers, and Linux lovers from all around the world. In the Linux os and gaming world, users regularly drop questions and get the answer to their inquiries in the quickest time.

Linux VS Windows –5 Things Linux Does Much Better than Windows

Every Windows or Linux user has once questioned whether their os is much better and worthwhile! These benefits of Linux over Windows will make your belief in this os a lot more powerful.

1. Linux can reanimate Old Computers

Yes, the Linux operating system has the power to make old computers beneficial with its light-weight design and minimum hardware requirements. To run a Window 10, you will need a minimum of 1 GB free hard drive space, 1 GB RAM, and the number of most current processors, as well as then you may not effectively run the system. Linux may not deal with old processors of 256 MB of RAM, however, it definitely can be set up to a wide variety of low-end systems.

2. Linux Supports Every Significant Programming Language

No developer can keep a straight face and say that Windows command line is much better than Linux This os supports a wide variety of programming languages like Python, C/C++, Perl, Ruby, and much more. You can also find many libraries that are developed specifically for Linux and celebration scripting function also draws in many developers to this OS.

3. Greater and Better Development of Linux.

The real development and imagination are performed in a Linux operating system. With every new release in 6 months, this OS is leaping hoops and finding new ways to make itself much better. By including more easy to use functions to make enhancements for developers, Linux is on fire! On the other hand, millions are already utilizing Microsoft Windows worldwide, and the company does less and less to enhance its os knowing the users do not have many options. Microsoft and its conceit are leaving them behind in the technological fight, where the only winner is the one that develops and changes with time.

4. Linux is More Dependable

Microsoft definitely offers security by making information gathered from every user, confidential. With the most current release, Windows 10, things aren’t looking too much protected! The upgrade has already received a significant reaction for what it must gather and what it must not. Whether you decide not to offer Microsoft your information or abide by their terms, the information will still be gathered, which is a huge privacy leakage. Linux, on the other hand, is an ideal option for users seeking to get 100% privacy and openness.

5. Linux has Much Better Package Management

In Windows, a user can not search a single package set up or know what repository to search. You can not carry out any dependence checks, md5 checks, or security checks before setting up an application. You merely click and set up a specific program, without knowing what it will do to your system! A big, huge hole in your security!

Linux Or Mac As an Alternative to Windows

There are some who have grown disappointed with Windows for a range of factors. Usually, the response is to head out and buy a Mac since that the only other os that’s really marketed. There is an alternative to Mac which is Linux. Linux is free and uses many of the same benefits that Mac uses. There are some factors to think about Linux over a Mac at least at.

Linux is free to use and can be set up on any hardware. If you have a Windows computer you are irritated with, you can attempt and set up Linux on that computer. It will not cost you any additional money since you already have the hardware. Attempting a Mac is a much bigger expenditure.

Linux uses the same security functions that a Mac does. While Windows has problems with infections and malware, Linux does not. People utilizing Linux has the same benefits as Mac users do.

With Linux, you can run Windows in a virtual machine similar to on a Mac. Having Linux as the primary os with Windows in a virtual machine is among the concept computer established. You still have access to your Windows applications however also have the security of the Linux side when doing downloading or surfing the web.

Linux has countless free programs and applications that will deal with it. There is no need to buy software for everyday jobs. Much of Mac software isn’t really bought however is part of the preliminary rate.

The huge benefit of the Mac is that you are going to have support for your software and hardware that you get. Some people delight in having a number to call when things fail. In regards to support, Mac quickly wins.

Regardless of what decision you wind up making, attempting Linux totally free first would be the very best option since there is absolutely nothing to lose.


  1. 🙂 Linux is fantastic (It works well for me).

    You are right about Linux using less RAM than Windows.

    Computers that are not powerful enough to run Windows 10 can remain useful with Linux installed on them.


    • Sometimes if we speak about spacial software then the Windows platform plays well. Like if you’re planning use adobe kit ( Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc ), Also most third party computer software build for Windows platform.


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